Houlihans: Bring back Flappy Bird – free apps for all!


Houlihans: Bring back Flappy Bird – free apps for all!  
Houlihan’s announced that they will give away free Jumbo Stuffed ‘Shroom appetizer to all Americans on March 24 if game developer, Dong Nguyen, returns the Flappy Bird app to the iOS and Android app stores by March 10. In an interview with Forbes, the developer of Flappy Bird app stated that he chose to take down the Flappy Bird app because “…it happened to become an addictive product.”

Upon hearing this statement, Jen Gulvik, senior VP marketing and creative director  of Houlihan’s Restaurants, Inc., wants to help in bringing back the popular game on app stores. “We understand the responsibility that comes with offering addictive apps, at Houlihan’s we offer lots of them. We want Mr. Nguyen to know he’s not alone. The folks at Houlihan’s are behind you all the way and ready to celebrate your brave decision to bring back Flappy Bird by offering free Houlihan’s apps at our restaurants. With your game and our delicious food, together we can make America a happier place.”

Fans of world’s once most popular free app can plead for the return of Flappy Bird by signing a petition available at houlihans.com/WeHaveAddictiveApps. To know more, visit this site  http://www.examiner.com/article/houlihans-bring-back-flappy-bird-free-apps-for-all#sthash.tSEHOHfK.dpuf 

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