Starbucks Roxy

How to Make a Starbucks Iced Vanilla Latte

Starbucks is primarily known for selling coffee, but also sells other hot and cold beverages, pastries, sandwiches and other snacks. You can make your favorite Starbucks beverage like Iced Vanilla Latte at home by buying their specialty syrups or make your own vanilla syrup at home by following a simple recipe from CopyCat Recipe Guide. In making Iced Vanilla Latte, you will need espresso, milk, vanilla syrup and ice to enjoy this beverage.  Starbucks Iced Vanilla Lattes are even easier to make than a regular Starbucks Vanilla Latte as you don’t need to steam the milk. See for the recipe. For variety, you can try different syrup flavors such as mocha, almond, hazelnut, mint, orange, and caramel.

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