Healthy Eggs: Easy Ways to Add Nutrition



Healthy Eggs: Easy Ways to Add Nutrition

Eggs are wonderfully healthy, but eating them with these other good-for-you foods unlocks even more benefits for your bones, brain, energy levels, and more.

Perfect Pair: Eggs + Cheese

Why it’s healthy: Reduce PMS
You’ve probably always loved this combo, but the duo packs a powerful nutrition punch. The vitamin D in egg yolks helps your body absorb the cheese’s bone- and heart-protecting calcium, according to Calcium and vitamin D together may make women feel better during that time of the month, research shows. Women with the highest intakes of both nutrients had significantly fewer PMS symptoms than those who ate less.

Enjoy them together: Add cheese to your scrambled eggs, as in Sunny’s Perfect Scrambled Cheesy Eggs on, or top a sunny-side up egg with a slice of cheese on whole grain roll for a breakfast sandwich.

See more Perfect Pair here:

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